Politika L.E.O.

Since 1991 the company "LEO" is one of the leading companies in Riga for the various types of electrical work. Throughout time, until the company conducts its activities "LEO", was acquired vast experience, as well as new equipment and installation technology.

The company "LEO" spends laying and installation of low voltage and medium voltage cables, also involved in the installation of transformer and feeder points, installing new equipment at existing locations and transformer substations, including abetting in the execution of the reconstruction.

Integrated Enterprise Management System "LEO" is certificated in accordance with the Electronics / ISO 9001 "Construction and installation of outdoor electrical substations. Oversight of certificate of quality leads SIA "DNV". A huge number of constructed and cast in exploitation objects suggest that customers and business partners trust Professional experience and the quality of this enterprise. Skilled team to lays and restore asphalt pavement on sidewalks and roadways, including those engaged in laying and restoration of pavement on the sidewalks and roads. Years of experience, high professional sense of duty to the quality of work and respectable attitude to the execution of works for customers - all this creates a positive reputation in the labor market.